Perfect for Entertaining

Addition of 4500 square foot basement to a historic home in Saratoga, CA. This development featured multiple concrete projects:

  1. full basement used as a ballroom house.
  2. partial basement with a pier and grade foundation for a garden house.
  3. 3-car detached garages with an outdoor patio.
  4. new foundation on an existing home that required BDCe to lift the house as the new foundation was installed.
  5.  historic home restoration that required a new foundation.

The difficulty at the this site  was the mass excavation for both basements which occurred simultaneously. The soil was full of large boulders making drilling piers challenging. Another difficulty was falling rocks from the OSHA cut at the basement edge. This required extra safety measures to prevent all injuries when working at the basement edge. We are happy to report that this project was completed on time without any inquires.

Project Details


August 2019


Salvatore Caruso Design Corp.


New Residential

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